Party Inventory

All ordinary items found here

All unique items will be found on the Items Page.
A Song for a Friend
Coral Saucer
Piece of Chrysoberyl
Piece of Lapis Lazuli
Mahogany tray carved with flowers
Hammered brass Wine Cup
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Remove Fear
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Scroll of Bull Strength
Scroll of Remove Disease
Scroll of Knock
Scroll of Purify Food/Drink
Scroll of Remove Fear
Skill Shard (Decipher Script)
Everburning Torch
Long Sword
Short Sword
War Hammer (3)
Scale Mail (4)
Breast Plate
Great Club

Through the Muck
Moonstone (3)
Ruby (2)
Silver mug with sapphires embedded in the handle
Scroll of Disrupt Undead
Scroll of Identify
Scroll of Feather Fall
Book: The Megalodon
Book: Stews and Pots
+1 Great Axe
50 feet of Silk Rope

When Silver Speaks
50 Crossbow Bolts (20 Belza, 20 Balbanes, 10 Faer)
Bag of Chalk (Belza)
Bag of Chestnuts (Daeilda)
Box of Spices (Faer)
20 Arrow Heads (Hound)
40 Candles (Hound)
Fancy White Wigs 2 (1 destroyed and 1 Belza)
Wedge of Cheese (All)
Wool Cloak (Balbanes)
Whetstone (Hound)
Blue Quartz (Faer)
Jade Gem (Hound)
Star Rose Quartz (Balbanes)
Masterwork Longbow [Small] (Hound)
2 bottles of Brandy Wine (Hound)
Canopy Bed (Hound)
10 Chisles (Belza)
9 Loaves of Bread (All)
40 Lead Boxes (8 each)
Sharp Rock


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