Through The Muck

Quest 2

The party retrieved one of Phillip’s runes, discovered an ancient beast, and accidentally awoke it. The beast flew off into the night, leaving the party with an ominous feeling. In the distance, the party heard the sounds of Tully’s refugees and found a cart to join. The party was turned away from the great city of Valhalla, because the city was over populated. The cart driver continued to look for safety and ended up in Adech. Daeilda used her dwarven ties to get the party rooms at The Weeping Alchemist Inn. The party was introduced to the interesting Gwent Haberdash who was gambling at a packed table.

Daeilda wandered over to the bulletin board to find only one notice available, while all other notices were claimed by the The Wild Ones.

The notice reads:
“Hello Adventurers! My name is Crulamin (some of you know me as the blacksmith in town)! I was looking for relics in the forest when I came across, what I believe is, the opening of the tomb of none other than Davven Bearchanger! Riches are assured and all I request is the adventurer to bring me one small item in return! Only contact at the forge with sincere interest. No solicitors, debt collectors, or bandits, please.
Payment: 3,000 gold pieces!”

The party decided to pursue the notice and set out to find the blacksmith. They walked into the Celebration of Moradin in the city square. Balbanes enjoyed the festivities and played a joyful tune. Daeilda and Faer went to the church of the town. Gwent talked to a magic user, the town messenger, and joined Daeilda and Faer at the church. While at the church, Daeilda was warmly greeted by the priest, Holorin, and a young Dwarf squire, Miraro. Daeilda told Miraro helpful information about life in Dwarven Court. In return, the parties questions were answered. The shops were closed until the next day, Crulamin was an archaeologist of sorts with marital issues, and Daeilda is a princess. The party grabs Balbanes and returns to the inn.

With their spirits lifted, the party goes to the blacksmith in the morning. They meet the eccentric Crulamin, the muscular Dwarven blacksmith. After asking some questions, putting a few custom orders, and deciding that his intentions are sincere; the party sets off to the Bear’s Bazaar and then the tomb in the swamp.

Upon finding the entrance—thanks to the map given to the party by Crulamin— they are challenged by a circle of runes unknown to any of the party, both on the floor in a large circle, and seared into the door they need to pass through (which has no handle available). They figure out that there are metal rods with matching runes, a sheet explaining that the runes are the Common alphabet, and a riddle on the door. The riddle says, “I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?” The party solves the riddle which is candle and busts through the door.

The party is ambushed by 3 Goblins in the very next room; however, the party destroys them easily and moves down the hall. As they precede forward, they are confronted by a fork in the hallway. Daeilda and Faer take the left turn, while Gwent and Balbanes continue straight. Gwent and Balbanes find another door and a mysterious flight of stairs. Daeilda and Faer, unfortunately, fall into a pit trap. Daeilda escapes and helps Faer out of the pit to find that they are facing a door. Upon entering the door, they are face to face with Balbanes and Gwent, who came into the room from the door they had found earlier. The party notices that they are in an abandoned library. Gwent finds two books: The Megalodon and Stews & Pots. Suddenly, Gwent is attacked by a flying creature and gets bitten on the right shoulder. Daeilda knocks the creature off, kills it using her quarterstaff, and turns it to sand. Panicked, Gwent shoots an arrow sporadically and barely misses his party members.

The party shakes off the attack and realize the creature is a Homunculus, meaning there is or was a powerful magic user here at some point. They move forward through a door leading down a dark hallway, where they are faced by a Trogolodyte! Daeilda makes quick work of the creature with Faer’s assistance and they find that the beast has a nest. After exploring more doors, Faer quickly learns what an illusionary wall is as he falls into the pit trap from earlier…

After Daeilda and Balbane’s assistance, Faer is pulled out of the pit yet again. They move on to the next room to find grand tapestries of Davven, battles, and Lancel. The room seems to be a meeting room. They find an adjacent room with little in it. The party continues forward to a weapons room, but is surprised by a burning hands trap. Despite the magical burns, the party trudges on! They continue to find the most elaborate door and a suit of armor. As Gwent goes to try the door, an axe sinks into the wall above his head, and some of his hairs fall to the ground. The party manages to defeat the enchanted piece of armor fairly quickly.

Daeilda, Faer, Gwent, and Balbanes enter into a masterfully crafted tomb of white marble. The approach the casket to find that the lid is open…and its empty. However, the silver raven Crulamin asked for the party to return is inside! The party exits the tomb, and heads into town. They go to Crulamin’s shop to get their hard earned reward. Crulamin walks into the store front, but Daeilda notices that something isn’t right as a shimmer crossed over Crulamin’s face. A stranger comes into the shop as the party is talking to Crulamin. While the stranger distracts Crulamin by asking about his wears, Daeilda talks to Gwent about the possibility of deceit. Faer notices as the newcomer and Crulamin speak, that Crulamin is suddenly unsure of what is in his shop, despite how sure of himself last time they spoke. Faer comes up with a clever idea and asks Crulamin about the custom order he had put in before heading off on the quest. Crulamin clearly is unsure of what he’s talking about, but tries to deceive Faer. Gwent and Balbanes make a bet that Balbanes can smooth talk Crulamin into the information; however, Daeilda decides to take action. Daeilda swiftly jumps over the counter and knocks Crulamin onto his back.

Suddenly, Crulamin changes shape and is actually a tall human Wild One! The party, with help of the newcomer, Kit Walker, defeat the shape changer. They discover that he is after both the Silver Raven (as he believes that the party are cultists attempting to resurrect Davven) and Phillip (the magical sword held by Balbanes), and has murdered Crulamin! The party decides to turn in the criminal to the authorities. However, Gwent sees an opportunity. Gwent asks the man while he is captive about the possibility of erasing his debt. The man promises all Gwent asks for, but is interrupted when Daeilda notices that Gwent is speaking with the man and drops the raven.

Daeilda smacks Gwent and informs him that treachery will not be tolerated. Gwent opens up to the party about his debts. Meanwhile, Kit and Faer turn the Wild One into the authorities, finding out that there is a reward of 3,000 gold pieces. The party finds out that the goods of the blacksmith are being sent to his widow in Vohdor. With a feeling of conclusion, the party heads back to the Weeping Alchemist and find Belza at the bar. They rejoice, re-stock, and engage in ale and conversation!


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