When Silver Speaks

Quest 1

  • Balbanes, the bardic son of the famous bard Balbos, took the stage at the Red Fox Inn in the town of Tully. The crowd roared in applause and Balbanes made a few new acquaintances in the tavern. First, Balbanes met the Hound, a 1/2 orc without common tongue. Then, Balbanes met Daeilda, a dwarven maiden with eyes for the musician, and Belza, an elven maiden. Lastly, Faer’theorn, the half moon elf, introduced himself as well.
  • Unfortunately, before real introductions could commence, a drunken patron of the tavern dropped a mysterious item upon the table of the party. Curiosity of the Hound showed the party that the item was a magical talking sword named Phillip. Before questions could be asked or answered, a group of thugs known as The Wild Ones burst into the tavern and murdered the bartender O’Cleary! A short fight ensued: Daeilda splattered an enemy’s brains across the bar, the Hound decided to charge a wall and take a shot below the belt, and Faer’theorn had the enemy ranger take a quick shower.
  • However, Phillip’s patience ran thin and he transported them (and most of a Wild One) to the entrance of a dungeon Phillip believes to have a rune inside. Mercy was shown to the Wild One, who lost an arm in transport, by Faer’theorn. Phillip then explained that if all 7 of his runes are returned to his hilt, he will become his humanoid self and grant each adventurer a wish. Phillip also says that the leader of the Wild Ones, the Man in Black, turned him into a sword because Phillip was trying to stop the Man in Black’s reign of terror.
  • As the party decides whether to enter the dungeon or not, a chilling smoke figure of the Man in Black looks over the party from the burning ruins of Tully in the distance. An elven traveler suddenly rushed out of the dungeon and died at the entrance. The party decided to venture forth and found the dungeon entrance full of purple haze. Faer’theorn and the Hound went deeper into the fog and the Hound suffered an injury to his arm. The party discovered that the fog was flammable, exited the cave, and lit the fog on fire. With visibility restored, the party went deeper inside the dungeon.
  • Belza, fortunately, found a trap and a group of lizard-humanoid creatures. Balbanes managed to explode one of the creatures skulls, and Belza managed to disarm the trap. The humainoid was discovered to be a Kobold and had a key around its neck. As the party continues forward, finding a chest full of goodies. The party used the key to enter a large room with holes in the walls and a large button in the center of the room. The party found a way to open a gate on the other side of the room.
  • Belza and the Hound went up the stairs behind the gate, while Daeilda, Faer, and Balbanes waited on the button. Belza found a large blue and green egg while the Hound attempted to flush out whatever laid it. However, the rest of the party was ambushed by a group of kobolds. The party defeated 3 of them, and the 4th ran off.
  • Once the party reunited, they continued to explore the cave and found a beautiful white marble room. The mirror in the center of the room suddenly showed the Man in Black, beckoning the party forward. Belza and Balbanes were entranced and began mindlessly walking forward. Daeilda and Faer shook off the illusion to be shown the true room: a cave with a steep ledge Belza and Balbanes were walking straight towards.
  • Faer and Daeilda managed to knock the two onto their backs and break the trance. The party noticed a rope bridge across the ledge. The party, with some effort, made it across to find a rune hanging in a tree on the top of a steep mountain. All of the party, excluding Balbanes, climbed the mountain to find the mountain…was actually a massive dragon: The Megalodon. The party collected the rune and…woke the dragon.


DM_Account Kayla_Belza

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