Davven Bearchanger

Infamous magical dictator with cult following


Elf Male
White Hair
Blue Eyes
Athletic Build
6’ 5"


A young farm boy with many siblings, Davven was often told he was not good enough for his parents. After making a mistake by pushing his brother who was taunting him into a rushing river and accidentally drowning him, Davven was disowned and sent away. Davven was driven by his hatred for his family to force their acceptance, and planned to use his innate magical abilities. Davven found a powerful wizard to become an apprentice of. One day, Davven broke into his master’s chamber and found magic evil scrolls. Davven used the evil spells to slaughter all in his magic school, and swallowed the scrolls so no one could use them against him. Adech used to be the stronghold of Davven, until an army from Avalon burned the stronghold to the ground and publicly executed Davven in the ruins of the city. However, rumor states that some of Davven’s followers, known as the Council of Chaos, made a tomb with his possessions in the swamp to lay him to rest.

Davven Bearchanger

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