Sir Lancel Grandmont

The Slayer of Dragons and Magical Beasts


Human Male
Brown Hair
Green Eyes
Muscular Build
6’ 1"


Lancel Grandmont was the famous human son of Lord Brant Grandmont of Valhalla. Lancel served as a squire and showed great promise. Lancel earned the title of knight quickly, and served the land with pride. He rose up in fame for frequently defeating bandits and monsters from the forest. No one knows why, but with the appearance of Davven Bearchanger, Lancel changed alliances and joined Davven’s forces.

However, Lancel only rose with his new found infamy. His strength and strategy in combat was unrivaled, and his ability to conquer numerous magical beasts. He became known across Gallifrey upon his victory over Falkor, the red dragon, and earning the title of The Slayer of Dragons and Magical Beasts. There are only rumors and myths in response to the mystery of Lancel’s disappearance after the fall of Davven.


Sir Lancel Grandmont

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