Canteous is a calm elven town to the East of the land along the coast. The town surprises many that it is a city amongst the trees as there are numerous human residents, and Canteous a land of scholars. The town is famous for having an impressive archive and is only shadowed by the archive of Avalon. Canteous is the second largest producer of magic items, potions, and wands to Nimiri. Canteous is the home of Belza Daimonas. However, Canteous’ past has not always been so calm.


After the fall of Davven, a cult devout to him arose called the Council of Chaos. The Council scattered throughout Gallifrey, looking for ways to resurrect their fallen leader. One sect, landed among the wood elves of the west and began to learn their magic. One night, the Council decided to go forward in attempt to communicate with Davven beyond the grave. Unfortunately, the Council awoke the Pit Fiend, Lord Koraboros instead. Koraboros wrecked havoc across the forest until a group of brave adventurers were able to return the demon to his realm. Peace was restored across the land after the long reign of terror, and Canteous has been a calm residence for elves and humans alike. Rumors are stated that spawn of Koraboros may still roam the world.



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