Scourge of the Conqueror

This is a tale about a gigantic creature that had laid waste to the land of Gallifrey. It is said that this creature stood taller than a building and had hands that could pick up a horse. He could not be defeated by the strongest warriors or the most cunning of wizards. He amassed an army so large that no single army, Human, Elf, or Dwarven could hope of defeating him. So they joined forces and met the conqueror on the battlefield. Although the Allied forces had the numbers, the conqueror had the moral. The conqueror would be on the battlefield with his gigantic mace, Scourge, and would fell any opponent. He would decimate dozens with a single swing of his mace. With their forces dwindling, the Allies turned to their best mages. They supplied all of their magical abilities and opened a portal that sent the conqueror and his forces to oblivion.



Today, the Scourge of the Conqueror is only remembered in history books. Many don’t believe that it actually happened. They believe that it was a story to scare little children into being good. With no physical evidence to prove it, this story has turned into myth and legend…Until now.

Scourge of the Conqueror

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