Crafting Wonderous Items

This is a page to show everyone what wondrous items Balbanes can create.

It lists the item’s name, gives a brief description, and the cost of the item [amount of gold pieces, amount of xp].

Any xp costs are only paid by Balbanes so he will be asking for a little more gold than just the original cost of the item (The original cost plus 5 times the cost of xp).

If you don’t have enough gold to meet the added xp cost, then pay the original cost of the item and a little extra gold if you can. Balbanes ain’t picky.

If you see an item you would like to be made, look it up in the Magic Compendium or the Dungeon Masters Guide to make sure you know all the details about the item.

Items able to craft

Amulet of Emergency Healing – Provide Instantaneous aid to an injured ally, 1d4 +5, within 30 ft. [3,000 gp, 240xp]

Amulet of Health – Enhancement bonus to constitution score +2, +4, or +6 [2,000 gp, 160xp], [8,000 gp, 640xp], [18,000 gp, 1,440xp]

Amulet of Tears – Grants temporary hit points that lasts for 10 min. [1,150 gp, 92xp]

Amulet of Toxin Delay – As a delay poison spell, but for 2 rounds [200 gp, 16xp]

Armband of Elusive Action – Avoid provoking a single attack of opportunity [400 gp, 32xp]

Armbands of Might – Bonus on Strength checks and Power Attack Feat [2,050 gp, 164xp]

Artificer’s Monocle – Use Detect magic to Identify properties of magic Items [750 gp, 60xp]

Belt of Giant Strength – Enhancement bonus to Strength sore +4 or +6 [8,000 gp, 640xp], [18,000 gp, 1,440xp]

Belt of One Mighty Blow – Adds extra damage to you next attack roll [750 gp, 60xp]

Belt of Ultimate Athleticism – Able to take 10 on balance, climb, jump, swim, and tumble checks. Also able to activate to take a 20 once per day on one of those checks. [1,800 gp, 144xp]

Boots of Agile Leaping – Able to add dexterity modifier on jump checks. If you have 5 ranks in balance, able to stand from prone as a swift action and not provoke an attack of opportunity. [300 gp, 24xp]

Boots of Desperation – Grants more speed and defense when low on hp [1,400 gp, 112xp]

Boots of Landing – 2 fewer dice damage from falling [250 gp, 20xp]

Boots of skating – Grant a land speed bonus [3,500 gp, 280xp]

Bracers of Armor – Grants armor bonus +1 [500 gp, 40xp], +2 [2,000 gp, 160xp]

Brawler’s Gauntlets – Grant bonus on grapple and unarmed attacks for 1 round [500 gp, 40xp]

Brooch of Avoidance – Gain +4 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity [1,550 gp, 124xp]

Brooch of Shielding – Absorbs 101 points of damage from magic missile attacks [1,500 gp, 120xp]

Brooch of stability – When hp becomes -1 or less, automatically become stable [275 gp, 22xp]

Brute Gauntlets – Moral bonus on strength checks and damage rolls [250 gp, 20xp]

Caduceus Bracers – Sacrifice Healing ability points to remove ability score damage [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Charm of countersong – Use countersong ability as immediate action [200 gp, 16xp]

Chronocharm of the Fateweaver – Able to reroll a single balance, climb or tumble check [250 gp, 20xp]

Chronocharm of the Grand Master – +5 dodge bonus to AC against a single ranged attack [250 gp, 20xp]

Chronocharm of the horizon walker – Can move up to half speed as part of free action w/o provoking Attack of Opportunities [250 gp, 20xp]

Circlet of Persuasion – Grants a +3 competence bonus on charisma-based checks [2,250 gp, 180xp]

Circlet of Solace – Grants bonus on saves against fear, disease, and poison on next healing spell used [1,500 gp, 120xp]

Cloak of Battle – Provides armor bonus +4 and other command abilities [11,000 gp, 880xp]

Cloak of Charisma – Enhancement bonus to charisma score +2, +4, or +6 [2,000 gp, 160xp], [8,000 gp, 640xp], [18,000 gp, 1,440xp]

Cloak of Elemental Protection – Gain an elemental resistance for 1 round [500 gp, 40xp]

Cloak of Predatory Vigor – When in a Rage, can heal yourself [700 gp, 56xp]

Cloak of Resistance – Enhancement bonus on Saving throws +1 to +5 [500 gp, 40xp]

Crystal mask of knowledge – +5 competence bonus on specific knowledge checks [1,250 gp, 100xp]

Crystal mask of mindarmor –+4 Insight bonus on will saves [5,000 gp, 400xp]

Dragonfang Gauntlets – +2 bonus to strength score, other ability functions also [4,610 gp, 320xp]

Eagle claw Talisman – +5 bonus on strength check to break an object [500 gp, 40xp]

Enduring Amulet – Protects you from extreme temperatures for 1 rounds [750 gp, 60xp]

Fanged Mask – Gives ability to do a bite attack [4,150 gp, 332xp]

Gauntlets of the Blazing Arc – Creates a 15 ft cone of flame damaging enemies [3,150 gp, 252xp]

Gauntlets of Ogre Power – Enhancement bonus to strength score +2 [2,000 gp, 160xp]

Gauntlets of Weaponry Arcane – Gives weapons held magic and silver type [3,000 gp, 240xp]

Gloves of Arrow Snaring – Grants the wearer the Snatch Arrow Feat [2,000 gp, 160xp]

Gloves of Dexterity – Enhancement bonus to Dexterity score +2, +4, or +6 [2,000 gp, 160xp], [8,000 gp, 640xp], [18,000 gp, 1,440xp]

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing – +5 competence bonus to climb and swim checks [3,125 gp, 250xp]

Gloves of the Titan’s Grip – Grants a +8 bonus on grapple checks [7,000 gp, 560xp]

Gloves of the Uldra Savant – Cast ray of frost at will and imbue weapon with frost ability [1,550 gp, 124xp]

Goggles of Lifesight – Determine whether a creature is alive, dead, undead, or construct [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Hand of the Mage – Use mage hand at will [450 gp, 36xp]

Hat of Disguise – Able to cast disguise self at will [900 gp, 72xp]

Headband of conscious effort – Replace fortitude save with a concentration check [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Headband of the lorebinder – +4 Boost to Bardic Knowledge bonus and gain read magic ability [800 gp, 64xp]

Healing belt – +2 bonus to heal check and ability to heal damage with touch [500 gp, 40xp]

Helm of Comprehend Languages – Ability to understand and spoken language or text [2,600 gp, 224xp]

Inquisitor Bracers – Heals the target of a melee attack (useful on undead) [750 gp, 60xp]

Lenses of bright vision – Creates a 15 ft cone of light from eyes [300 gp, 24xp]

Mask of lies – +5 bonus to bluff check, disguises alignment, and allows disguise self [2,250 gp, 180xp]

Medal of Gallantry – +2 bonus on diplomacy, but -2 on bluff, cast sanctuary on self [675 gp, 54xp]

Mithral bells – +2 bonus on perform, throw bell to create sound burst effect [1,850 gp, 148xp]

Monocle of perusal – +5 bonus on appraise, use identify spell [3,250 gp, 260xp]

Necklace of Copper Dragon Scales – resistance to acid for 1 hour [285 gp, 22xp]

Necklace of Warning – +2 bonus to flat-footed AC [2,000 gp, 160xp]

Phylactery of Faithfulness – Aware of an action that could adversely affect his alignment with his deity [500 gp, 40xp]

Reliquary Holy Symbol – Boost number of turn or rebuke undead uses [500 gp, 40xp]

Rending gauntlets – Grants bonus to second weapon attacks [2,110 gp, 120xp]

Retributive Amulet – Reflect half damage taken onto attacking creature [4,600 gp, 360xp]

Robe of Blending – +10 bonus on hide, Disguise self at will [15,000 gp, 1,200xp]

Safewing emblem – Grants feather fall affect when falling farther than 10 ft [125 gp, 10xp]

Sandals of Sprinting – Grants land speed bonus for 1 round [1,150 gp, 92xp]

Shiftweave – Ability to change outfit [250 gp, 20xp]

Skin of the Ectoplasmic Armor – Grants a +8 armor bonus, light armor [3,000 gp, 240xp]

Slippers of Spider Climbing – Allows wearer to climb on walls and ceilings as spider climb [2,400 gp, 192xp]

Spare hand – Able to hold items and free up your other hands [6,000 gp, 480xp]

Spellsight Spectacles – +5 bonus on spellcraft and use magic device checks when using scrolls [1,250 gp, 100xp]

Steadfast Boots – +4 bonus against bullrush, overrun, or tripped attempts [700 gp, 56xp]

Symbol of Transfiguration – Use purify food and drink and align a good weapon [250 gp, 20xp]

Third eye Improvisation – +5 bonus to a skill you have no ranks in once a day [500 gp, 40xp]

Torc of the Titans – +5 bonus on strength checks and melee damage for 1 round [1,650 gp, 132xp]

Tunic of Steady Spellcasting – +5 bonus on concentration checks [1,250 gp, 100xp]

Vanguard Treads – Provide superior traction and stability [1,550 gp, 124xp]

Vanisher Cloak – Allows you and allies to briefly disappear [1,250 gp, 100xp]

Veil of Allure – Boost DC of enchantment spells and spell like abilities by 2 [7,000 gp, 560xp]

Vest of Defense – +2 bonus to fighting defensively, total defense, and combat expertise actions [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Vest of Resistance – Enhancement bonus to saving throws +1 to +5 [500 gp, 40xp]

Watch lamp – Creates a globe of light that follows you like dancing lights [250 gp, 20xp]

White Cloak of the Spider – Protection from poison and able to use spider climb or hold person once per day [2,100 gp, 168xp]

Wink Brooch – +2 bonus on diplomacy or bluff checks [300 gp, 24xp]

Banner of the storms eye – Suppresses fear affects [7,500 gp, 600xp]

Blessed Bandage – Stabilizes recipient but heals no damage [5 gp, 1xp]

Camouflage paint – +5 bonus to hide check for 2 hours [750 gp, 60xp]

Doss Instrument – Can cast delay poison, hold person, and mirror image once per day [2,100 gp, 160xp]

Dust of Illusion – Provide a disguise self spell on recipient [600 gp, 48xp]

Elixir of Flaming Fists – Envelop hands in fire dealing extra unarmed damage [150 gp, 12xp]

Elixir of Hiding – +10 bonus on hide checks for 1 hour [125 gp, 10xp]

Elixir of Love – Drinker becomes charmed with first person they see [75 gp, 6xp]

Elixir of Sneaking – +10 bonus on move silently checks for 1 hour [125 gp, 10xp]

Elixir of Truth – Individual can say nothing but the truth for 10 minutes [250 gp, 20xp]

Everfull Mug – Fills with water, cheap ale, or watery wine [100 gp, 8xp]

Fochlucan Bandore – +2 bonus on perform checks, able to cast simple spells [775 gp, 54xp]

Horn of Fog – Able to blow a thick cloud of heavy fog [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Mac-Fuirmidh Instrument – Can use cure light wounds, mage armor, and sleep once a day [1,100 gp, 80xp]

Magic Bedroll – Grants you a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep [250 gp, 20xp]

Memento Magica – Able to regain a used spell slot [750 gp, 60xp]

Orb of Environmental Adaptation – Provide relief from extreme environments [1,000 gp, 80xp]

Orb of Mental Renewal – Able to heal mental ability damage [1,550 gp, 124xp]

Pearl of Power – Able to regain a used spell [500 gp, 40xp]

Pipes of Pain – Able to cause sonic damage [6,000 gp, 480xp]

Pipes of Sounding – Can create ghost sound spell [900 gp, 72xp]

Replenishing Skin – Slowly fills with pure water when empty [500 gp, 40xp]

Silversheen – Gives weapon properties of alchemical silver [125 gp, 10xp]

Skill shard – Grants a bonus to a particular skill check, +2 or +5 [25 gp, 2xp], [150 gp, 12xp]

Skin of the chameleon – +10 bonus to hide checks [7,500 gp, 600xp]

Stone of Good Luck (Luckstone) – +1 luck bonus on saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks [10,000 gp, 800xp]

Unguent of Timelessness – Applied to a once living thing, resists the passage of time [75 gp, 6xp]

Crafting Wonderous Items

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